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Some of my Projects

Spring Boot starter that provides a way to quickly implement undo functionality in your Spring Boot application.

It drastically simplifies undo implementation. Reduces boilerplate that otherwise, you need to manage. Supports application scaling. Persist-module can use shared storage between all instances of your application. So you can call undo from any instance.

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Command-Line Interface (CLI) tool, developed in Go, to aid in transferring data from Apple Health to Google Fitness. It parses Apple Health XML files into a CSV format and then imports the data into Google Fitness using the Google Fitness API.

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That's a silly one 😜. A Spring Boot starter (plugin... kinda) that adds to all responses a header with an appropriate HttpStatusDog! Why not?
Inspired by

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Lately, I've been using Kindle on my tablet a lot and it was always a hustle to send my e-books to kindle. You need to convert to a proper format, transfer it somehow...meh... This Telegram bot does all this for you. You send it a book - it appears on your Kindle. Any format. That's it - that simple.
For those who know, It uses Calibre under the hood.

IMAGE 2022-02-23 19_41_47.jpg

🚏 More to come

In the following months, I'll be adding more of my projects here and on my GitHub.

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