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I'm a Software Engineer with experience in Java and Spring.
Over the years, I took part in the development, design, testing, and integration of backend software solutions.


September 2021 - present

Software Engineer

Working proudly on the backend for OpenVPN-as-a-Service for businesses.

June 2019 - August 2021

Software Engineer is a Drag & Drop Email Builder.
I took part in the design, development, and testing of many features using Java with Spring on the backend.
I was responsible for architecture and design, and other usual backend stuff :)
In addition, part of my job was reliability and security problems investigation: memory leaks in services,
partial or full system failures, and of course fixing them!



May 2018 - June 2019

Junior Software Engineer

At Ardas I took part in designing and developing healthcare applications, CRM, and logistics solutions.
I started learning and then participated in front-end development with React and Redux. I worked primarily with Java, Kotlin, and Spring Boot. Here I got my experience in Hibernate, Docker, unit, and end-to-end testing.

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Back-end development is my primary skill. Mainly I use Java with Spring Boot & Spring Cloud projects.
I have experience in reliability and security problems investigation: memory leaks, partial or full system failures.
Also, I have experience with other languages on the back-end: Kotlin, Go, JavaScript and Python.


I have experience with relational and document databases. Primarily I've been using PostgreSQL and MongoDB.
Lately, I've been using MongoDB more and more.
I took many courses at Mongo University for a proper transition.



Over the years, I came to appreciate extensive test suites.
I prefer writing many tests on different levels: units, end-to-end, microservice, integration, etc.
Having them, it becomes much easier to modify the existing codebase.


Data Science

In the last year, I took an extensive interest in Data Science and Machine Learning. It is the skill I actively develop. Right now going through several courses on Coursera (you can find certificates below) and reading a book on applied Machine Learning.


I started my journey as a Developer Web & Android Development.
At Ardas I've got to know React with Redux & React Native. There I took part in commercial front-end development.
Over the years, these skills helped me implement my ideas and better understand the full development stack in general.


I don't consider myself a DevOps, but I can definitely Ops what I Dev :)
I have experience with different CI/CD tools: GitLab Pipelines, GitHub Actions,
Took several courses on AWS, Terraform, Ansible, etc.

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Courses and Books I love

Evgeniy Borisov

Spring/Spring Boot The Ripper

Best Spring Lectures ever. One-of-a-kind lectures from Evgeniy Borisov that dives deep under the hood of Spring & Spring Boot.

Josh Long

Reactive Spring

This book gave me all the information I needed to transition to Reactive Spring Application. Greatly written by @starbuxman


A fantastic course by Andrew Ng that teaches how to build and train deep neural networks, implement vectorized neural networks, use standard techniques and optimization algorithms, build neural networks in TensorFlow, and much more.

University of Michigan

Applied Data Science with Python Specialization

Great set of courses to get started with Data Science Includes topics: Bases of Data Science, Data Visualization, Applied Machine Learning, Text Mining, and Social Network Analysis.

Bruce Eckel

Old but gold. Fantastic in-depth dive. It Covers Java in great detail and best practices.

Thinking in Java

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